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At BidMatrix, we’re constantly evolving to help you anticipate and be ready for every opportunity. Learn about our platform, mission, and values.

Bid Matrix is an online digital advertising platform based in Singapore, and was founded in 2013 by a team of experienced marketing professionals. Our hands-on experience in various marketing technologies and platforms enables us to help our clients with virtually unlimited reach. Our mission is to make it easier for advertisers, media buyers, app developers and brands of any caliber to be able to set up campaigns, dealing with optimization and scaling instead of recruiting traffic sources and direct publishers to meet their specific needs.

Our Core products and services

Publisher Monetization

Programmatic Advertising

Performance Marketing

Brand Marketing Strategy

Our direct access to sources of demand, as well as our ability to deliver ad revenue dollars across programmatic, XML, and performance marketing enables our direct publisher monetization clients to achieve the best eCPM for their traffic. Publishers may choose to monetize their websites or apps using 4 main types of ad format.

Our strong experience in digital marketing comes from overseeing thousands of affiliate offers and affiliates directly across many verticals, and our core experience comes from the gaming and gambling vertical, which is known for being especially mindful of details when it comes to promoting apps and websites. Our team focuses on working with all kinds of app developers ranging from concept to unicorn, helping them decide things such as which icon is best to use, which events should be tracked through a favorite tracking platform (AppsFlyer, Adjust, Branch), how to build KPIs that will allow scale and global distribution, and more. We partner with over 50 local advertising agencies around the world, enabling us to promote apps in 67 countries across 5 continents.



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Welcome to BidMatrix.

With BidMatrix, you benefit from a platform that is tailor-made for navigating, prioritizing, and activating your data across the entire life cycle of your campaign, not just a sliver of it.




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