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Hands-on management and customized monetization services tailored to your individual needs

We offer core solutions that give app publishers what they need to maximize their ad revenue. As certified experts in ad monetization, we’ll give you access to premium demand, exclusive data-driven optimization opportunities and expert one-on-one support. We know that no two publishers are the same, so we make sure to provide solutions that fully address the unique requirements of you and your products.

Using BidMatrix app monetization solutions, mobile publishers and mobile app developers can access global advertisers and strike high-yield deals in the blink of an eye. Control, measure, and optimize every aspect of your future mobile advertising placement on this mobile ad platform: ad formats, floor price partners, and more.

Features of BidMatrix

Monetization Solutions

Our main areas of expertise

Premium Ad Demand

Working with BidMatrix opens the doors to every major exchange and SSP, as well as a host of excellent smaller ones. We’ll find the right mix of partners for you and help you access enough quality ad demand to ensure a competitive auction and secure the best CPMs for every impression.

Advanced Bidding

You get to choose how you monetize your inventory. Auction inventory in real time through open auction RTB, or invite select marketers to participate in a private exchange. Set up programmatic direct deals, including programmatic guaranteed and preferred deals.

Seamless Integration

BidMatrix guarantees smooth integration and easy implementation. With just a simple insertion of code into the website, or by embedding the SDK into the app, ad publishers are able to start generating tangible revenues immediately.

Our Services

How to monetize your products more efficiently

· BidMatrix offers direct advertiser demand and effective demand-side integration partners to give you maximal coverage and eCPM

· Each one of our ad formats is manually verified but automatically approved, allowing you to integrate in under a minute and start earning

· Choose your vertical and receive top-line demand partners worldwide.

Customizable Interface

SDK (Software development kit)

API (Application programming interface)

Ad Tag (Ad placement tag)

Prebid (Header bidding)

Free, Powerful Ad Server

Upload and manage creatives

AI ad placement filling

Deep insights and data analysis

All-Screen Optimization

Omnichannel Approach

Channel Selection

Omnichannel Integrations

OTT/CTV Advertising

Reporting & Measurement

Programmatic Support

Global access to ad inventory

Higher eCPMs and better fill rates

Higher eCPMs and better fill rates

Higher ad quality and relevance

Grow higher ad revenue

Small, easily integrated and powerful SDK

Monetize or mediate with our lightweight, stable and safe SDK that comes equipped with multi-platform support, diverse ad formats, in-app bidding, and premium ad resources.

Connect with high-quality demands globally

We work with thousands of advertisers worldwide, which means that you can get access to our global premium demands. Plus, we deliver the most appropriate ads that match the interests of your users with the best bids in order to boost your ad revenue.

Customized ad formats, enjoyable experiences

We choose the right mix of ad formats and develop dynamic ad templates that are optimized for performance, creating the best possible experiences for your apps and enabling you to generate more revenue.

Ad Formats for BidMatrix Smart Ads


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Welcome to BidMatrix.

With BidMatrix, you benefit from a platform that is tailor-made for navigating, prioritizing, and activating your data across the entire life cycle of your campaign, not just a sliver of it.




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